Team History

How it all started.

The Hurricane Track and Field program began in the spring of 1985, during the second year of the high school’s existence. It all started with just one male athlete- Kurt Ackermann, one female athlete- Indira Rouw, and one coach – Linda Gudmunson. Daily practices took place on a 300 meter track on the school playground (a former cow pasture), the lines measured out and burned into the grass by Linda and Athletic Director, Jim Geertsma. Why 300 meters you ask? Because there wasn’t room for 400. Kurt and Indira also logged many training miles running up and down Blackburn Road. The team often traveled to meets in style, chauffeured by Indira’s mom in her BMW, a.k.a. our team bus. The season concluded with a trip to the State B Championship Meet in Wenatchee, where Indira competed in the long jump and 800 meter run. With a tremendous amount of fortitude and commitment, this pair of athletes established a superb foundation for the Hurricane Track and Field program. For over three decades, hundreds of athletes have continued to contribute to this high standard through their fierce efforts in the pursuit of excellence.