School Records

Picture of original records board

Pictured above is the original record board put up in 1986.

Out of the 100’s of athletes who have competed in the Hurricane Track & Field program, our Class Records are the top 10 performance marks for each event at each grade level. All hand-held times have been converted to fully automated timing (FAT) times.

School Records

Hurricane Track & Field School Records are the best marks ever recorded in the history of our program by one of our fine athletes in each event.

100 Meter DashGabe Taylor11.172019
 Carla van Rooyen12.552014
200 Meter DashGabe Taylor22.682019
 Jamie Orange* 25.842001
400 Meter DashBrandon Burr50.171999
 Jamie Orange57.062003
800 Meter RunBrandon Burr1:59.21999
 Nicole DeVries2:18.01990
1600 Meter RunJon Skelton4:26.022001
 Kristina Yzaguirre5:21.992014
3200 Meter RunJon Skelton9:35.422001
 Nicole DeVries11:40.21987
400 Meter RelayMatt Kaemingk, Brandon Burr43.81999
 Jon Orange, Aaron Klein  
 Jessica Orange, Emily Wortham50.592003
 Lisa Rouw, Rachel Skelton  
800 Meter RelayJessica Orange, Lisa Rouw1:45.82003
 Rachel Skelton, Jamie Orange  
1600 Meter RelayDavid Riley, Mark Hogan3:29.352009
 Derrick DeVries, Jeffrey McClelland  
 Kaylin Weidenbach, Jolene Houtsma4:08.902009
 Madeleine Dye, Jacki Taylor  
100/110 Meter HurdlesMatt Vander Ark15.202005
 Nicole DeVries15.51990
300 Meter HurdlesMatt Vander Ark40.102005
 Leanna DeVries46.762017
Long JumpMatt Vander Ark21’7″2005
 Carla van Rooyen17’2.5″2014
Triple JumpMatt Vander Ark44’1/4″2004
 Carla van Rooyen36’1.25″2014
High JumpTiger Brunk6’4″2022
 Melody Strauss / Erin Geertsma5’1″1999/2006
DiscusAaron Lanting143’11.5″2004
 Sarah Kuipers113’5″2002
Shot PutAaron Lanting42’9.25″2003
 Wendy Kuipers34’10”1991
JavelinMatt Kaemingk162’11”1999
 Indira Rouw138’0″1988
 Adam Mines**170’8″2005
 Holly Braun**123’3″2003
Pole VaultDerrick De Vries13’0″2009
 Melyssa Whitener10’3″2015

*Time converted from HH to FAT

**New 2002 Javelin Specifications